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Excess Accidental Medical Coverage


During the 2018 season, Life Time is pleased to extend excess medical coverage directly to our athletes. Excess medical coverage is built into each event’s registration fee, thus athletes are not required to purchase the traditional one-day (or annual) license.


Named Insured
Life Time, Inc.

Eligible Persons
Participants, including volunteers and staff, performing their normal activities at a Covered Event.

Covered Activities
Means participating in officially sponsored, sanctioned and supervised events and practices of the policyholder. This does not include travel to and from events.

Coverage Summary
This policy provides accident medical coverage to eligible persons. Medical expense coverage is excess coverage, meaning it is secondary coverage to any other accident insurance. If the participant has other coverage, claims must first be filed with that insurance company. If no other insurance is in place, then this coverage becomes primary accident insurance.

Schedule of Benefits 

  • Accidental Medical Expense: Maximum Benefit: $25,000
  • Accident Medical Deductible: $250 per claim
  • Loss Period: Initial treatment received within 90 days of accident
  • Benefit Period: Medical expenses must be incurred within 52 weeks of the date of accident

Notable Terms / Conditions
The following riders are attached to and made a part of this policy:

  • The definition of injury is expanded for all benefits to include injuries resulting, within 90 days from the date of the covered activity, from a Heart or Circulatory Malfunction. “Heart or Circulatory Malfunction” means the Insured Person’s first episode in the past five years of a cardiac accident of the heart or circulatory system which includes heart attack, stroke, brain circulatory malfunction and heat exhaustion which is first diagnosed and treated while the Insured Person’s coverage under this policy is inforce and which occurs while taking part in a Covered Activity.
  • Exclusion – Loss caused by or resulting from the insured’s emotional trauma, mental or physical illness, disease, pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage, bacterial or viral infection or bodily malfunction.

Underwriting Company
Nationwide Life Insurance Company
Rated “A+ (Superior) XV” by A.M. Best Company

How to File a Participant Accident Claim
When an injury occurs during a sanctioned/approved activity, the injured party is responsible for reporting it by submitting a completed Claim Form to K&K Insurance Group. The Policy Coverage and Claim Form can be downloaded below.

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